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10 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing a Christian Musical

Updated: 3 days ago

Choosing the right Christian musical for your faith community is a critical decision that requires prayerful consideration. You hold the power to provide a meaningful, memorable, vital experience for your people when you internalize this guiding principle: Know your audience.

The questions below are here to help you get to know your audience...

1. How might your audience define a “Christian” musical?

Do they expect to hear or see direct quotations from scripture? Such as Presentation Day: WORD POWER ? (A Faith Based Student Musicals original.) A show about Jesus? Biblical characters? A show that points to God? (NARNIA.) A story of forgiveness and redemption, unsavory elements included? (LES MISÉRABLES.)

Dancers (wearing construction vests) interpret building a house on a rock. The stage background is decorated with art inspired by parables.

What do they emphasize? Talk about most? Are they evangelical? Mission minded? Expressive? Formal?

Are they experienced theatregoers? Do their kids take dance and music?  Or mostly play sports?  What’s funny? Sensitive? Offensive?  

4. How is the cast and crew talent pool for your production?

How is their training? Can they handle a more advanced show like BACKSTAB: The Musical?  What is their experience and commitment?

Young performers surround a soloist for the finale of a Christian musical song. All focus upward as green and blue colors light the stage.

5. Ask yourself about your community of support when selecting your title.

Who will take ownership outside the cast and crew? Parents? Other people from both within and outside your faith community? 

6. Can your repertoire be produced with excellence well inside your rehearsal timeframe?

Take a small bite, such as a single song or two from our Single Song Series, and surprise your community with your professional, engaging execution. Less is more.

7. What are the logistics of the performance venue?

Inside or outside? Stage size? Backstage pathways? Sightlines and and acoustics? 

Actor, with large baggage, journeys through an ice storm onstage. Nine young actors- representing storm- hold snowflakes and knock him down.

8. What are the technical needs of your chosen title compared to your venue capacities?

Sound and Mics? Lighting? Technicians? Again, choose well within capabilities.

9. How would you describe the sensory drive of your show?

Is the piece visually driven, like a dance concert? (Such as Castles from Presentation Day: THE PARABLES.) Or is the show auditory driven?  Does the audience have to hear every word to follow the story? Will we understand the story mostly by what we hear in music or dialogue? 

10. What will it take to make theatre a vital expression in your Christian community? 

How will “success” be measured?  By how many salvations resulted?  How many outside guests attended?  By how community was built among the cast and crew?  Or how were students' lives transformed? How will you leave your students, parents, leadership and community wanting more?

Teacher and student listen to a young girl sing her comedic song in a classroom scene. Stick horse props are seen in the background.

As a Director, you are the steward of a powerful gift. You have the potential to develop a rich tradition for your school, church, or homeschool community. With your guidance, producing a Christian musical together can become a vital part of the fabric of your community.

Faith Based Student Musicals is here to support you in that effort.


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