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What does the Bible Say about the POWER of our WORDS?
“Our words have the power to build people up…or tear people down…”  Prov. 18:21


It’s Presentation Day at school, and Nellie is petrified to speak.  The class has been studying what the Bible says about the power of our words.  It’s time for these classroom characters to share what they've learned. Each "Student Presentation" is based on their assigned scripture verse. How will Nellie navigate her fear, make decisions about confidentiality, and discover support from an unlikely ally?

Challenge level:



CLASSROOM STUDENTS - unlimited number

MARTIN (M/F) no singing, adult, older student, or peer

NELLIE (F) principle, strong actor/singer

GIGI (F) principle, strong actor/minor singing

SAM (M/F) principle, strong actor, no singing

SIDNEY (M/F) - principle, strong actor/minor singing

CASEY (M/F) - acting/vocal feature

FELICIA (F) acting/vocal feature

CHARLIE (M/F) - acting/vocal feature