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God is the Creator and Author of all artistic expression.  Story, music, dance...

these are all God's ideas.


Jesus is the loving and holy Son of God who gave his life so we could live eternally.


We are all naturally and equally flawed and in need of a Savior.


"In the beginning God created..." 

We are  made in God's image.

Creative expression -  in story, dance, and drama, etc. -  is God's gift to us.


Our Talent is God's gift to us. Developing our Talent is our Gift to God.  Artistic expression is our

offering to others. 



Established Artist-Believers have a responsibility to speak into the lives of Emerging Artist-Believers.

Faith Based Student Musicals opens another opportunity for this connection.

Blue Brush Strokes Create Image of the Cross.

Core Values

Our Features

Our Songs/Shows Include:

• Full Script and Song Previews Posted

• Vocal Demos

• Accompaniment Tracks

• Lead Sheets - vocal line and chords

• Lyric Sheets

• Full Script with Director’s Notes

Many Songs/Shows Also Include:

• Reflection Questions for Bible Study, Classroom, Devotions

• Lyric Videos - with and without vocal demo

Additional Assets with Select Shows:

• Director’s Production Guide

• Staging~Movement Ideas Video

Our Values

• Purposeful Stories that Honor the Lord

• Well-crafted Scripts and Songs

• Memorable Music

• Contemporary, Relevant Application of Biblical Truth

• Humor

• Flexible to Fit to Your Timeframes, Skills, and Space

• Opportunities for all Students to Shine

• Roles for Girls

• Minimal Tech Requirements (advanced tech optional)

• Affordable

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