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Becky has progressed to Round 3 of “America’s Next Top Superstar Student.”  YES!  Wait - NO!!!  Round 3 requires a mandatory interview.  Becky explains to her close friends why this is something she absolutely cannot do. Do Jamey and Pinky give her a pass?

Casting: 2 F,  1 M/F

Challenge level: Advanced


Not-so-athletic Ralph wants to be liked and accepted by his classmates.  But his method might be misguided. Follow Ralph's unlikely journey toward authentic friendship.

Casting: 1 M, 2 F

Challenge level: Beginner


For her Service Project assignment, quiet, thoughtful Rachel is teamed up with Queen Bee Peyton, her Sidekick Macy, and Harley  - who defies all stereotypes. How will Rachel handle their differing perspectives on what the project should be? Will she compromise her good judgement to keep from rocking the boat?

Casting: 3 F, 1 M/F

Challenge level: Intermediate

Backstab_graphic (final edit).png

Ashley thinks Mia is her friend…until she overhears Mia talking about her.  Ashley is naturally hurt, but her best friend Dusty is furious - and hilarious. How will Ashley keep Dusty’s anger under control, manage her own hurt feelings, and confront Mia - in love?

Casting: 3 F, plus Ensemble

Challenge level: Advanced


You may make as many copies as needed for your production of each show you purchase.

Some shows are Beginner through Advanced Level to accommodate all-grade productions.

You may selectively skip portions, but please do not add to our shows.

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