FAITH BASED STUDENT MUSICALS provides Christmas and non-seasonal one-act Broadway style musicals that usually run between 30-50 minutes. Our musicals are set in classroom and family situations and focus on honoring God and others as we navigate decisions and relationships.

Word Power.jpg

It’s Presentation Day at school, and Nellie is petrified to speak.  The class has been studying what the Bible says about the power of our words.  It’s time for these classroom characters to share what they've learned. Each "Student Presentation" is based on their assigned scripture verse. How will Nellie navigate her fear, maintain her friendships, and respect confidences?   


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A classroom caper exploring the Parables of Jesus. Coming soon...

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When Grandpa Oscar Long ends up in the hospital on Christmas day, his visiting family - including foster grandchildren - gather at the hospital to comfort Grandma Katherine Long and speed Grandpa's recovery.  But in these close quarters, Alex' secret surfaces, along with unresolved family issues. Will the family work through their issues in love? Or sweep them under the rug?  This little romp might remind you of a family you know.

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A Long Family Christmas caper about what it means to be part of the Body of Christ.

Coming soon...

Exploring important values together, students of all skill levels build community as they share a positive production experience.

With purposeful story, memorable music, truth, and humor, students explore what it means to honor the Lord in our interactions with those who know and love us best.