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NAMED CHARACTERS are written for upper-level students.

All students (K-8) can be CLASSROOM STUDENTS/ENSEMBLE.

CLASSROOM STUDENTS: K-8TH, unlimited number - Unlimited opportunity to feature these Students successfully.


MR./MRS. MARTIN: (Male or Female) the classroom teacher. Dialogue driven; no singing required. May be played by an adult, an older student, or a peer. Since Mr./Mrs. Martin speaks from a lectern, it's possible for this actor to use the script or index card prompts. This character manages the transitions between Presentations. For a festive twist, this role could be played by a community character: Principal, favorite Dad, local hero, etc.


NELLIE: ( Female) Central character, terrified to speak in front of the class.  Makes progress with the help of an unlikely ally.  An advanced singer is a plus.


GIGI: (Female) Cheerleader.  Shiny surface, appears to have it together, intimidating to other students.  Action reveals her insecurities just beneath the surface, and her true heart. Strong actor. Minor singing. (It is possible for GIGI to sing "Felisha's Lament" if you're short on cast members.)


SAM: (Male or Female) Curious, even nosey, sees opportunity to gain status, comic instinct/physical comedy a plus, non-singing.  If athletic, could be played as a "Ninja" type character with stealth movements. Strong actor/no vocal feature.


SIDNEY: (Male or Female) First day at this school.  Transferred in with 3 Spelling Bee and 2 Geography Bee championships from former school. Strong actor/vocal features.


CASEY: (Male or Female) Focused on sports, watching, following, playing.  Has big dreams of scholarship/career.  You may choose the sport to fit actor. Acting/Vocal feature.


FELISHA: (Female) Focused on fashion...clothes, accessories, shoes, hair, make-up...only the latest. Acting/Vocal feature. (It is possible for GIGI to sing "Felisha's Lament" if you're short on cast members.)


CHARLIE: (Male or Female) Has trouble focusing, lovable, honest, fun-loving, easily distracted. Acting/Vocal feature.

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