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"CHRISTMAS IN ROOM 309" run time can be 40 to 60 minutes. You can control the runtime by which optional songs you choose.



"CHRISTMAS IN ROOM 309” takes place in a contemporary hospital SURGERY WAITING ROOM, GRANDPA'S HOSPITAL ROOM far down right, and a HOSTESS COUNTER, far down left. All are onstage throughout the play, with action alternating between the three areas.  There are no set changes.


The WAITING ROOM, center, needs some chairs, but not necessarily enough for everyone. The WAITING ROOM is home base for the GRANDKIDS/ENSEMBLE.


GRANDPA's HOSPITAL ROOM can be indicated by a bed, (sturdy 8' table with covers on top) down right, and a rolling chair for GRANDMA fun. Optional set dressing could include IV pole, hospital table, etc next to GRANDPA's bed.


HOSTESS COUNTER should be far downstage left, balancing GRANDPA's room. A portable lectern, with the top surface flattened works for her "counter." A visible sign on front of lectern such as "Here to Help" or "Information Station" is recommended.



"CHRISTMAS IN ROOM 309 "characters wear street clothes.  You may define GRANDMA with age-appropriate dress, wig, glasses, walker, etc. FREDDY plays well with a jacket with interior pockets where he can reveal merchandise.



Quarters for FREDDY and HOSTESS

A few bed pans and tall candy bars/sticks for "CHRISTMAS CANDY." 

Latex gloves for everyone in "RAGTIME SONG."

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