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GRANDCHILDREN OF OSCAR AND KATHERINE LONG - flexible number according to your needs.  Multiple optional vocal/dialogue/dance and movement features.  Audiences are amused if GRANDMA and GRANDPA have a slew of GRANDKIDS.


GRANDMA/KATHERINE LONG - (Female) Nurturing and beloved. Drives the show. This role may be played by an adult, an older student, or a peer.  Strong actor/singer. Optional rap.


GRANDPA/OSCAR - (Male) spends entire play in the hospital bed with only crazy gray wig showing. Has one optional line for final joke. It works well to have this actor join in final rehearsals only.


ALEX - (Male or Female) - Beloved and admired older cousin/grandchild. Star soccer player, general over acheiver.  Strong  actor. Must sing big ballad solo.


GINA - (Female) Adult daughter of GRANDMA and GRANDPA, mother of ALEX. Non-singing role.


FREDDY - (Male Preferred) Enterprising cousin, always trying to make a buck. Strong actor. Optional solo.


HOSTESS - (Female) Phone addicted receptionist in the Surgery Waiting Room. Strong actor. Optional solo.


FOSTER CHILDREN – (Male or Female) (1- 3 Actors, Male or Female, any age) Smaller and/or physically adept for movement/flying/tumbling. Non-speaking, non- singing.


FRIEDA, FREDDY’S SISTER/BROTHER (Male or Female)– Always trying to straighten FREDDY out. Could be older or younger than FREDDY. Acting feature, non-singing.


GRANDKID GIFT GREEDY/KATIE/KEVIN – (Male or Female) Speaking role, non-singing. Obsessed with gifts.

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